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16 September 2017

The event is now over, thank you for participating!

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We are on the lookout for new speakers.

If you think you might like to speak at one of our monthly events or you know someone who you think should be a speaker, get in touch. We can pair you with an experienced speaker as your mentor

About State of the Browser

State of the Browser is a one-day, single-track conference with widely varying talks about the modern web. This year's loose theme is: Rise of the Browsers.

Who are London Web Standards?

London Web Standards brings together web professionals who are working for a better web. Our monthly meetups provide them with an opportunity to teach, inspire, learn, network and debate. Each meetup features a speaker drawn from our membership or the wider standards community. The talks cover a range of topics including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, accessibility, web fonts, UX and front-end performance.


In 2011 London Web Standards organised a one-day conference focusing on the “State of the Browser”, at Ravensbourne. This was attended by 140 web professionals. The conference was streamed live over the internet and at its peak was watched by over 200 people. State of the Browser (SOTB) was then repeated in 2012 and 2013, with 175 delegates. In 2014 we moved to Conway Hall in Red Lion Square in central London and SOTB was attended by almost 400 people. We took a year off in 2016 but now we're back.

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